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(Updated Sep 17th, 2014)

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Curling starts October 6th - Submit your Reservation forms now!

Leagues are filling up, submit your League Reservation form now to avoid disappointment.  Monday league starts Oct 6th, with the Wednesday and Thursday leagues starting on October 8th & 9th respectively. Junior curling starts October 22nd. Check the Member Information page for forms.

Looking for a few good women and men

Help is needed for ice installation starting on Sep 20th.  If you are interested, please call Bert at 780-827-2126.  This process mostly involves holding and moving hoses during sealing, flooding and painting of the ice.  This process will be a lot easier and with better results if we have a few extra helping hands.

Reservation and Registration forms now available!

Check the Member Information page for full details.  Please read the information carefully before downloading your forms, as the process has changed this year.  League Reservation Forms can be submitted at any time.  Registration forms (either individually or as a team) must be accompanied by payment of membership fees and are due at the start of the season.  If you have any questions, email the club: info@curlgc.ca.

Annual General Meeting September 25th

The Grande Cache Curling Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on September 25th at 7pm in the curling lounge (lower level of the Rec Centre).  All existing and potential new members are encouraged to attend.

Agenda: Review previous AGM minutes, Election of executive members, Membership fees, League discussion, Q&A.

Tentative Start Dates

Here are the tentative start dates if all goes well, which is usually doesn't, but did last season, so you never know...

Sep 23rd:  Ice Installation begins
Sep 27th (Sat) 1pm:  Set up lounge and kitchen.  We need your help, be there!
Oct 6th:  Start of Monday League
Oct 9th: Start of Thursday League
Oct 8th & 15th:  Novice Social League Development
Oct 22nd:  Start of Junior Program
Oct 22nd: Start of Novice Social League
Oct 31st:  The Easter Bunny visits!

Note: Final dates to be confirmed once ice install time frame is confirmed.

New Novice Social League

The curling club is looking to start a new "Novice" league this year.  For those that are new to curling and want to get their feet wet before plunging into a regular league, this is a great way to start.  It is also a great way to meet new people.  Everyone in this league will be new curlers, or have only limited curling experience, hence no one should feel intimidated.  This league is open to new curlers, or those that have curled 2 years or less.  The novice league has a minimum age of 16, with the exception of members of the junior curling program.  The fee for the novice league will be $100 per person (subject to approval at the club's AGM).  The league will run Wednesdays from 8-10pm, but will only begin if there is sufficient interest.  Therefore, if you are interested in curling in this league, email the club at info@curlgc.ca with your name and email address.  The curling club will supply sliders and brooms, or you can bring your own equipment.  No outdoor footwear will be permitted on the ice.  The first 2 weeks of this league will be skill development, where you will learn the basics of the game including sweeping and the delivery.  Regular league play will then follow.  The novice league development will start October 8th, with league play starting on the 22nd.  For more information call Bert at 780-827-2126.

New Registration Process

For Monday and Thursday leagues, a new registration process is being proposed.  You will have the option of individual registration or team registration.  A team registration will cost $720, and is valid for up to 6 players.  There will be a additional $50 charge for teams with 7 players, and and additional $100 charge for teams with 8 players.  Teams can not have more than 8 members.  Team registrations must be paid in one lump sum.  The curling club will no longer chase down individual team members for split payments of a team membership. Team payment may be made by individual team members, but must be made all at the same time (ie. The full team membership must be paid at one time, divided up among players however they choose).  Alternatively, you have the option of paying individually according to the fees listed on the Member Information page for adults and seniors. Note that individual memberships are not pro-rated based on the number of team members (ie. for a team of 6 adults registering individually in one league, they would each pay $180).  Discounted rates apply for those playing in a second league.

2014-15 Registration forms will be available soon.

For Curling Nerds

If you are reading this, consider yourself a curling nerd.  What causes a curling stone to curl?  Check out this YouTube video on the physics of curling.


Asham curling supplies available

Asham curling supplies are available for purchase through the curling club.  We currently have an assortment of brooms, replacement brush heads and grippers available.  Asham shoes and the rest of their products are available for order.  Check the Asham catalogue at the club or visit Asham.com to view their product line.

REAL reason curling is better than hockey!

Check out the YouTube video here.

Free WiFi available!

Free WiFi is now available at the curling club.  Internet access is sponsored by Nucleus, one of the club's new advertising partners.  Nucleus is an internet service provider (isp), and can provide internet service to Grande Cache, provided ports are available.  Residential service is $39.95/month, and business service is $49.95/month.  If you are frustrated with your current isp, give Nucleus a try.  Check their website at nucleus.com for more information.  Ask at the bar for the WiFi password.

Important:  If you obtain internet service through Nucleus, please mention that you were referred by the Grande Cache curling club.  The curling club will receive a $25 credit for each new account that is created.

  Advertisers Wanted

The Curling Club is always looking for Advertisers for either "In-Ice" or 4X8 wall signs.  Check the Advertising section for more information.

Attention Members:  Please help the club attract new advertisers by speaking with employers and other business people.  Have them contact Bert Opitz at 780-827-2126 for complete details.  If you own a business, please also consider advertising with the Curling Club.

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